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Founded on the idea that one man can make a difference in our environment, Producer/Director Craig Jeffries set out to do just that. While making a film about our environment and all the solutions available to us,  Jeffries started a side business repurposing used innertubes and tires and making them into useable Products and in the last 6 years, Jeffries has intercepted over 7 tons of Bicycle Tires and Tubes from going to landfill where it would have sat buried for future generations to have to deal with. 

"And I'm just one man", says Jeffries. "Imagine if we all chipped in and did our part to help heal the devastations that have been and are still being done to our Planet."

'It is our responsibility to leave this planet better than the way we found it. Why should this burden be left for future generations to deal with".

"For too long the responsibility of managing our environment has been left up to people that have made decisions based on profit not ecology".

Jeffries runs his entire facility on Clean, Renewable, Solar Power.

His film titled: "Solution Earth A New Beginning" screened at the 

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood and was awarded 

Best Documentary Feature Film. 

You can buy the Widescreen Version on DVD here:‚Äč

Running time: 62.Min.